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Tals (2014)


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Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street (2010)

How do you win at sports betting? Hard work and lots of modeling. This book walks you step by step through four winning computer models in NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, and MLB. Sharpen your trading skills. How can you get the best numbers? Included are Spread-Moneyline and Push-Charts for spreads and totals in the NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, and MLB. Are you gambling or investing in the Stock Market? Is the market really efficient? How can you safely get the best of it? Two very different approaches are shown towards stock betting.

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Pinnacle Pulse (2005-2006)

Elihu Feustel was the ghost writer for Simon Noble for the first two years of this weekly internet publication focusing on quantitative approaches to sports betting.

Many of these short publications may be found at SportsInsights here:

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